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Sydney Subaru Service Specialist 

At Top Tech Automotive we specialise in the service and repair of Subaru boxer engines.


Subaru engines require special care

Subaru’s unique boxer engine design promotes vehicle efficiency by maintaining balance while driving, thereby creating better handling and a smoother drive.

The sophisticated technology in a Subaru engine requires special care when performing regular maintenance and servicing. Not having your Subaru serviced by a mechanic with specialist experience in Subaru engines, can leave you with a vehicle that isn’t performing to its potential. When your Subaru hasn’t been serviced correctly, the engine begins to use an excess of engine oil, creating a build-up of carbon. This results in loss of power, fuel efficiency, engine noises and in severe cases engine failure. While many mechanics claim to be Subaru specialists, very few truly have the experience and knowledge to look after your Subaru in the manner it deserves.


Why choose Top Tech Automotive?

At Top Tech Automotive our mechanics have extensive experience in Subaru repairs and servicing. In addition to general repairs and servicing we have expertise in Subaru engine diagnostics utilising the latest genuine Subaru equipment. This all ensures that regardless of whether your Subaru is in need of an oil change or has a problem that no-one else can diagnose, we are equipped to provide you with the highest quality repairs. At Top Tech Automotive we know you will be impressed with the performance of your vehicle after our specialist service.

We can service your vehicle while still under warranty! We only use genuine Subaru parts and oil and perform all services to the manufacturer specifications for your vehicle. This ensures you can service your Subaru with us and still retain your warranty. We can even keep your log book stamped and up to date!

Our Subaru Services:

  • Log book servicing
  • Major and minor services and maintenance
  • Diagnosis and repair of engine component failure
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical and computer faults
  • Key programming
  • Brake and clutch repairs
  • Gearbox reconditioning or replacement
  • Engine reconditioning or replacement
  • Steering and suspension
  • Cylinder head repairs
  • Cooling system and air-conditioning repairs